Neosemantics - can I force an RDF datatype property to be represented as edges

I have an ontology (OWL/RDF) in which certain datatype statements are assigned a confidence level, using RDF* (in particular TTL*). For example:

 <<DocumentX  hasKeyword  "interesting">> hasConfidenceLevel 0.43

(I'm eliding namespace prefixes for simplicity).

Unfortunately the embedded triple has a literal ("interesting") as its object, which means that n10s imports it as node Document with property hasKeyword="interesting". And it does not seem to do anything with the containing triple.

So my question is whether there is a way to force hasKeyword to be represented as an edge rather than as a neo4j property. This would be something similar to the existing ability to force rdf:type to be represented as an edge rather than a (neo4j) property.

I know I can tweak the RDF in an ugly way to force this, such that hasKeyword becomes an object property with value a URI rather than a literal, but that seems undesirable.