Neosemantics adapted with python driver

Hi colleges,

I've a question about how to use neosemantics in python driver... there is any option to execute the commands in python to export owl files to graph database?

My question is regarding that I used neo4j-admin import, to generate a new graph database of my project due to I've high amount of data and LOAD CSV was not efficient... Then, I load owl files using
CALL n10s.onto.import.fetch("file:///doid.owl", "RDF/XML") as Jesus recommended me in another post.

After linking these two resources by IDs, I can apply different queries and I obtain the graphs with information from both resources. Now I want to load the same resources with driver python and generate the same resource without using neo4j browser, but I dont know how I can import owl files with neosemantics using python driver.
On the other hand, there is an option to export the graph database with all connections generated with neo4j browser after import owl files with neosemantics?? Then I could import this new graph database with python driver. By this way, I could use the graph database with imported owl files and connections generated with neo4j browser.

Thanks for your time again


You can just run the same commands in the python driver with