Neomap for Neo4j Community Server

Hello all,

I'm a newbie to Neo4j and started exploring it recently. I've installed the Community Edition 4.0.1 on a Windows 10 notebook because of lack of admin rights. All works well and i wanted to visualize my nodes with longitude and latitude onto a map.
Neomap caught my attention but it is a graph application for Neo4j Desktop.
Is there a binary/zip version that works on the Community Edition?

Thanks in advance your kind advice.

For reference: I found a Medium article on neomap which goes through the steps. I think my process is a little different than they describe, so I will describe here how I installed the app.

Most of the neo apps can be installed easily from here, I see it is listed, but neomap does not have an "install" button, so in that case you have to follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to install it.

When you click on that icon it copies the URL below into the clipboard

Then you open neo4j desktop, click on graph apps icon, then paste the URL in the box at the bottom like this

Click install.

I would just download and use Desktop. It's free, the back end is the Enterprise Edition, and since the license is good for a year, you aren't under any time crunch. You can't use it for production purposes, but other than that you will be fully fueled up.