Neogma: a Node.js/Typescript OGM for Neo4j (with tutorial, documentation)

Hey there! For more than a year I've been building an open-source Neo4j Object-Graph-Mapper in Node.js which is built on TypeScript. Also I've been using it in production for many months.

The incentive was to be able to easily create nodes and relationships type-safely, without having to worry about bugs which could be caught on the time of compilation, like missing or misspelling properties. Another useful feature is to easily create nodes and relating them with others with a single method call, in the same query.

I've recently written an article on Medium on how to use it to build a simple app which finds common-liked movies between users and such stuff.

Feel free to check it out and ask any questions!

Medium article/tutorial: Using Neogma to build a type-safe Node.js app with a Neo4j graph database | by Jason Athanasoglou | Neo4j Developer Blog | Jan, 2021 | Medium