Neoemantics import RDF* file incorrect

Dear All:
I tried to import an RDF* file as described on :
Importing RDF Data - Neosemantics
The contents of this file are shown in Example 1 of the W3C RDF* spec:
RDF-star and SPARQL-star

@prefix : .
:employee38 :familyName "Smith" .
<< :employee38 :jobTitle "Assistant Designer" >> :accordingTo :employee22 .

I uploaded example1.ttl to , and import it to neo4j:
CALL n10s.rdf.import.fetch("","Turtle*");
But it turns out that only the Smith node and the NS0: were imported, no edge data is imported.
Is my operation incorrect, or the RDF* data like in example1 really cannot be imported into neo4j?


Can I import RDF* data just like in:

and show it in Neo4j like this graph:

Hi @joylix , Neo4j does not support hypergraph relationships: You cannot have a relationship having a relationship as its source.
This blog post describes the level of support for RDF* you get in Neo4j.
Basically you can import RDF* statements that describe attributes in relationships, or in other words, the inner triple is an object property and the outer triple is a data type property.

I hope this helps.



Hi, Jesus, Many thanks for your swift response.
This solved my long-standing confusion.
In addition, which database currently supports hypergraph relationship?

Kind Regards.