Neo4j with Jupyter Notebook Python

Can someone please recommend some Neo4j & jupyter notebook tutorials? I'd like to learn how to construct a graph database in Neo4J, add/manipulate nodes, and search the database using the python in Jupyter notebook. There are several tutorials online but I am not sure where to get started.

You might want to check out the Bite-Sized Neo4j for Data Scientists series. There are a whole host of videos there that are about 5 minutes in length a piece. In particular, Part 1 shows how to make a Jupyter -> Neo4j connection, Parts 2 and 3 show how to use various drivers to interface with the DB from Python, and then there are many videos showing how to populate the DB in a variety of ways and query it. And then all of the code, including many Jupyter notebooks and raw Cypher queries, can be found in this GitHub repo. I hope that helps as a starting point!

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Thank you very much! Your reply is tremenedously helpful.