Neo4j Versioner Core v2.0.0 released

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you that we relased a new version of our Neo4j Versioner Core, a collection of procedures, aimed to help developers to manage the Entity-State model, by creating, updating and querying the graph.

In this new release we have 2 new main features:

  • Support for Neo4j 3.5.1;
  • Added procedures that can let you version your relationships.

If you want to check it out, I'll leave you here some links:
Release Notes: Release 2.0.0 · h-omer/neo4j-versioner-core · GitHub
GitHub: GitHub - h-omer/neo4j-versioner-core: Entity-State model managed by Neo4j Procedures
Documentation: Neo4j Versioner Core Documentation | neo4j-versioner-core
Online Meetup: Neo4j Online Meetup #19: Versioning your Neo4j graph through entity-state model - YouTube
Podcast: Bruggen Blog: Podcast Interview with Marco Falcier and Alberto d'Este, Neo4j Versioner


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