Neo4j user interface similar to phpmyadmin or workbench

Hi all,

This is my first time that I'm posting something in Neo4j comunity and I'm sorry that the format of my post is not correct.

I'm wondering is there any graphical tool or library similar to workbench or phpmyadmin for modifying databases in Neo4j?

I know about the Neo4j commander application but I'm looking for something that can be used without the need for installing Neo4j desktop.


The Neo4j Browser tool that comes with Neo4j Desktop is also available in the server or Docker versions of Neo4j. You can read more about that here - Neo4j Browser User Interface Guide - Developer Guides

Or if you prefer something command line based, you could use the Cypher Shell tool - Cypher Shell - Operations Manual

Cheers, Mark

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What kind of functionality are you looking for? Is it creating/administering databases or editing the data inside them?

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Hi Adam

I'm looking for a web-based user interface for updating and doing simpler editing of existing databases