Neo4j used in live projects

Hi Team,
I feel that I am now much comfortable using the Neo4j and Cypher from creating a simple database to loading the data from CSV / JSON file using import / APOC etc. and also with the Neo4j ETL.
Now willing to proceed further, for this i am looking for sample real world project which i can start with using Neo4j.
Could anyone please have some light on this.
Here i am looking for

  1. Sample project if already available for reference.
  2. What all front-end application / frameworks are compatible with Neo4j.
  3. Can we do this using Python - Django?

Hi Mayan,

I use Django for my application development. I am looking for someone who can collaborate with me on a simple project using Django-neo4j message me if you are interested in collaborating.

Happy to help, with this I too will learn something new.