Neo4j through Jupyter Notebook

Can someone forward the latest packages and tutorials to work with Neo4j Aura from Jupyter Notebook? Thank you.

Hi There,

You can use the package called 'neo4jupyter' for viewing neo4j data points via Jupyter Notebook.

Here is the link to code base: GitHub - merqurio/neo4jupyter: A quick visualization tool for Jupyter and Neo4J

Using this code base is super simple and can be grasped within few minutes from its associated documentation.


Thank you, I got error below. How do I do it?

Determine if a variable X is endogeneous for variable Y, if so, return confounders

query = "MATCH p= (x:construct)<-[r1:causes]-(confounder:construct) -[r2:causes]-> (y:construct) <-[r3:causes]- (x:construct)
WHERE ='economic reward' AND ='job performance'
RETURN x.measure, y.measure, confounder.measure LIMIT 50"
graph =

neo4jupyter.draw(graph, {"construct": "name", "causes": "Reference"})

AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last)
~\AppData\Local\Temp/ipykernel_9436/ in
----> 1 neo4jupyter.draw(graph, {"construct": "name", "causes": "Reference"})

D:\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\neo4jupyter\ in draw(graph, options, physics, limit)
81 """
---> 83 data =, limit=limit)
85 nodes =

AttributeError: 'Cursor' object has no attribute 'run'