Neo4j-Tableau error


I have integrated Neo4j to tableau in order to display my nodes in Tableau. I am able to connect most of the tables, however, when creating a relationship of a table to 1 specific table, I get the error code "B19090E0" (Image below). I have already asked the same question on the Tableau community forum, but they told me the error is from the Neo4j side.


Hi @Firdous ,

From the error message, it could be that the relationships have a property value which is expected to be a number, but may be a string on some relationships.

There's a good discussion about checking the types of a property here Data type of a property - #3 by

As an example, I modified the classic Movie graph to add some :REVIEWED relationships where the rating property is a string instead of a number. To check the property value types, I then ran this query...

MATCH ()-[r:REVIEWED]->(:Movie) RETURN collect(distinct(apoc.meta.type(r.rating)))



That verifies that I have successfully created bad data. :) I could then find which relationships have a string value in the rating property like this...

MATCH ()-[r:REVIEWED]->(:Movie) 
WHERE apoc.meta.type(r.rating) = "STRING"

Checking the data values like this may be a good first step. If it turns out there is some inconsistent data, we can then write some more queries to fix them.