Neo4j Startup license too simple and doesn't work

Hello there

I ordered a startup license for one of my clients, he did receive it by mail but it's quite small, mostly just an expiration date with a 15 digits license number, no long signature or stuff like that.

Is it normal?

I tried to copy and paste it in the Neo4j Desktop license field but of course as expected it didn't work.

Neo4j Desktop is a no cost Developers License product. For everyone. You can read the Neo4j Desktop license, but if you use it on your pc or workstation or whatever to learn and develop Neo4j it has zero cost. The key for the desktop download is posted when you download. They should use that. not the 15 digit that was sent. The startup license is to run a Neo4j Server (cloud, on-prem) for production use by the startup. I don't know the limitations on said license. Think honor system for now.

Thank you

So if I understand I can't use the a Neo4j startup license with Neo4j Desktop, I have to use it on a Neo4j server instance or on a Neo4j cloud service.

And it's normal that the license is that small?

I tried to use my license on Neo4j Entreprise server, but the only way I found to install Neo4j server is to download the trial version from the and there and I don't see any option to register the license the instructions provided on the webiste.

I will search more in the operation manual.

At this time, there is no difference between the trial version of Neo4j Enterprise and one that a customer would download from their download site. The trial version software doesn't time out. You will get an email that your trial has ended, but that is all. When the startup onboarded - I would think that they got a email with the ability to register an email with support. They would also be able to download software. The serial number doesn't go on the server, it is for their records.
Can you please send me an email directly (, and explain who the customer/startup you are working for/with.

It's a confusing user experience. I got the following email today:

...but I am registered and approved with a startup license. Like @tard.gabriel I found no documentation on how to install the startup license.

If no license installation is required, it might be worth making the email notification clearer and less alarming?