Neo4j result Graph moves slow- Performance issue

Hi All,

The overall issue is performance. At first when I ram the CYPHER query the result used to show all the Nodes but NO Relationships.

Then I changed the "Initial Node Display" to 2000 from 300 in settings.

Now same query returns 643 nodes and 7443 relationships between 4 different labels of pattern.
This is what I wanted but the only problem is that the graph is very slow. If I try to drag any node or even zoom out, the graph moves after few seconds and sometimes hangs for 5 seconds and then moves.

1. Is this related to OS Browser?
2. Can I improve the performace by changing something in the CYPHER Query?
3. Do I need to change something in the Configuration file like Heap Memory so that the Nodes and Relationships should move around faster?

Please find all the additional details below.

Windows Browser: Chrome
Neo4j Browser version: 3.2.10
Neo4j Server version: [3.4.9]

APOC libraries involved

  • apoc.create.vNode
  • apoc.create.vRelationship

Below here is the Cypher query I am using.
In this I am collecting/grouping the nodes with some similar properties and their relationships and then creating virtual nodes our of those.
I am not sure if the query is the issue here because I have used another query as well that returns tons of data. Its just that tha data is a huge. (100s and 1000s of nodes and relationships)

MATCH (se:XXLSenderEntity)-[:COUNTERPARTY]->(cp:XXLCounterParty)-[:CUSTODIAN]->(re:XXLReceivingEntity),
WITH se.senderEntity as sender,  cp.counterparty as counter, re.receivingEntity as receiver,err.errorDesc as error, count(*) as count
WITH collect(distinct sender) as senders, collect(distinct counter) as counters, collect(distinct receiver) as receivers,collect(distinct error) as errors, collect([sender, counter, receiver, error,count]) as rels
WITH[seName IN senders | apoc.create.vNode(['XXLSenderEntity'],{name:seName})], 'name') as senders,[cpName IN counters | apoc.create.vNode(['XXLCounterParty'],{name:cpName})], 'name') as counters,[reName IN receivers | apoc.create.vNode(['XXLReceivingEntity'],{name:reName})], 'name') as receivers,[errName IN errors | apoc.create.vNode(['XXLRepairReason'],{name:errName})], 'name') as errors, rels
UNWIND rels as rel
RETURN senders[rel[0]], counters[rel[1]], apoc.create.vRelationship(senders[rel[0]], 'ALL_COUNTERPARTY', {count:rel[4]}, counters[rel[1]]) as rel, receivers[rel[2]],
apoc.create.vRelationship(counters[rel[1]], 'ALL_RECEIVERS', {count:rel[4]}, receivers[rel[2]]) as rel1, errors[rel[3]],
apoc.create.vRelationship(counters[rel[1]], 'ALL_ERRORS', {count:rel[4]}, errors[rel[3]]) as rel2

The Neo4j browser is not suited for displaying huge amounts of nodes and relationships, there are many libraries out there that are more suited for that. See our series here.