Neo4j python driver throwing errors

calling the neo4j 1.7.1 driver against neo4j 4.0 is throwing out ssl errors....

Any ideas?

Just did some testing with Neo4J 4.0 and an already installed py2neo and had no issues.
Are both on the same machine? Do you set a backtrace?

Try to disable encryption to localhost.

For remote servers please install a certificate.

The Python driver is still been worked on for the 4.0.* (could be fixed be now see latest status)
In Neo4j 4.0 are some encryptions changes that are not yet finetuned in the Python driver.

If you are using the Python Driver locally you can add "encrypted=False" to your connection string:
driver = GraphDatabase.driver("bolt://localhost:7687", auth=("neo4j", "password"), encrypted=False)

source: How to connect to neo4j 4.0 using this driver? · Issue #335 · neo4j/neo4j-python-driver · GitHub
"Please don't use the 4.0 branch for anything other than casual reading. This is still very much an early work in progress and there is not yet a 4.0 release available.

Similarly, the release scripts are designed for 1.7 and have not yet been updated for 4.0. These are also generally for our internal use during the release process.

To use the Python driver with Neo4j, you can use the 1.7 driver in fallback mode. Note that encryption defaults have changed though, so while the 1.7 driver turns on encryption by default, this is no longer available by default in Neo4j 4.0. You will therefore have to connect with encrypted=False, which will (I believe) address the problem in the original post.