Neo4j plugin for Liquibase - looking for early testers

I am very happy to announce that the first iteration of the Neo4j plugin for Liquibase is ready for prime time.

You will find an explanation of the basic concepts as well as a quick start guide in the README.

What's Liquibase?

Liquibase is a popular database refactoring tool, based on the influential "Refactoring Databases" book.

Liquibase lets you define migrations and execute them against the database of your choice (it supports 20+ databases at the time of writing).

It includes many features such as tagging, conditional execution, rollbacks out of the box. It also has been battle-tested for 15 years!

Neo4j plugin?

I decided to implement a Neo4j plugin for Liquibase.
This means you can define Liquibase migrations today and target your Neo4j instance!

Many features are already supported and are worth giving a try.
Head to the README and start experimenting!

What about Liquigraph?

Astude readers may know I created Liquigraph years ago, to fulfill the exact same purpose. Due to my limited bandwidth, the feature set has remained minimal over the years.

The Neo4j plugin for Liquibase already supports more features than Liquigraph and should the tool of your choice when it comes to migrations.

Liquigraph will be in maintenance mode once the first release of the plugin happens.
The only ongoing work is to update the Liquigraph documentation (sneak peek).

Rest assured Liquigraph users: in the near future, the Neo4j plugin for Liquibase will automatically support Liquigraph migrations. The transition will be super smooth.

Thanks for reading through the end! Now time to experiment with the plugin and posting feedback! Thank you!