Neo4j Nextjs GRANDstack with or without graphql?

I am currently developing a next.js web app and was planning on following the GRANDstack documentation until the recent update. It turns out the update was a very massive change and is now in alpha.

Would it be recommended to just use the javascript driver instead of using Graphql until later when it gets closer to general availability or would that be a waste of time to switch over from the driver to Graphql?

I am using next-auth0 for auth and wasn't sure if handling authorization would be a problem switching from driver to Graphql.

Does anyone have any examples of the new Graphql neo4j update in action with auth and any idea if that would be a good way to proceed. Let me know.

Hi @ds1 -

I'm not familiar with next-auth0, but taking a look it seems similar to the auth0-react library in that it provides methods for fetching the auth token which can then be attached to API requests. So in that sense you should be able to use it with any auth scheme that uses JWTs.

As you mention, the new @neo4j/graphql library is currently in alpha state and should not be used beyond prototypes / experimentation at this point as the feature set and surface of that library are still evolving.

I guess the choice of library to use going forward depends on the requirements of your app and what value you see the GraphQL integration providing. Since Next.js has the ability to add API routes that might be an area to consider.

Thank you for responding,

Would it then since I do want to use GraphQL, be a better option to just ignore the latest release and use the old graphql library until the new one becomes stable and just update to the latest.... even though it would be a large change? Since I do need to start moving forward to production hopefully this year lol idk.

I'm really new to Neo4j so I am feeling confused a bit on how to proceed.