Neo4j ldap configuration 3.5

i was trying integrate LDAP to neo4j 3.5. 3.5 documentation says that is deprecated, but examples still use them.
if so, how do I map LDAP group of an user-login to neo4j role in neo4j 3.5?

deprecated is indicative of it still working in 3.5 but the intent is per the next major release, i.e. 4.0, it will no longer work

Any hints of how v4.0 is going to handle LDAP and Neo4j role privs?

as just group_to_role_mapping configuration is removed, i assume that role can be created inside db with map to db role. i am not sure though.

Hi guys, what's the latest on this?

I was actually trying to configure LDAPS roles with Neo 4.1 and I couldn't get it to work. Latest documentation doesn't mention that it's deprecated - Configuration settings - Operations Manual


Update: group_to_role_mapping is not deprecated in 4.1 - I managed to successfully integrate LDAPS with Neo 4.1 (Enterprise Edition)