Neo4j JMX Settings

It appears now with 4.0.0 Enterprise and Java 11 we can bind JMX to a particular address instead of broadcasting it to the world using these settings:

# Remote JMX monitoring, uncomment and adjust the following lines as needed. Absolute paths to jmx.access and
# jmx.password files are required.
# Also make sure to update the jmx.access and jmx.password files with appropriate permission roles and passwords,
# the shipped configuration contains only a read only role called 'monitor' with password 'Neo4j'.
# For more details, see:
# On Unix based systems the jmx.password file needs to be owned by the user that will run the server,
# and have permissions set to 0600.
# For details on setting these file permissions on Windows see:
# bind JMX to localhost only

Could we update the default conf in 4.0 to show this is possible now?

Opened a PR for it here: Add to JMX configurations by mikeblum · Pull Request #12409 · neo4j/neo4j · GitHub

But figured it would be good to have a convo in the forums as groking github can get noisy.

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