Neo4j - JavaHeap:OutofMemory

Neo4j community 3.5.17 has been installed as service in Azure Kubernetes using below commands.

helm repo add equinor-charts
helm repo update
helm upgrade --install neo4j-community equinor-charts/neo4j-community --set acceptLicenseAgreement=no --set neo4jPassword=neo4j1

While trying to delete 24K nodes and respective relationships, we get “JavaHeap: Out of Memory” error.

  1. I am unable to edit neo4j.conf to increase heap size.
    Is there a way to increase heap size in neo4j.conf?

  2. While trying to provide heap size increase as override in config.yaml, could not get
    an option to restart the pod.
    should we restart the neo4j service or the pod itself?

Everytime I try to override config.yaml, neo4j crashes and is not opening in Browser but service in Kubernetes says running.