Neo4j is a gift for visual learner like me

Hello Everyone,

My name is Romanch Sharma, I am from U.P India. I am a web application Developer and worked as a freelancer. I coded mostly on Ruby on Rails Framework. I Learned Mobile application development with IOS. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I have ADHD and SLD ( specific learning disability). I was only able to do maths and code before but now I can communicate in a better way. Still make spelling mistakes. I try not to make any typing mistake here. I will work hard as a community member here.

As a developer I was only a coder not a database handler. I always use to run away from database queries, I pic ROR just because I can write database queries as integrated environment with programming model. I didn't even knew why I use to do that. One day I get Advertisement about Neo4j.
As a visual learning, Graphic Database is just a dream. I waited for few months to complete my all remaining task just to start Neo4j.

Now I am Using Desktop app and I did well in my first day. I always believed that there is always a solution for every problem and neo4j Just given my carer changing solution.

I want to Thank to the team who work hard to develop this Graphical Database System.
I as a Mathematician try to contribute and share knowledge as much as I can. I will take help from all experience database experts. I will Respect everyone for giving me any opportunity to work on any project to learn or to work. I will put my Best effort.

Thank You,
Romanch Sharma


Welcome to the community Romanch, and thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! We're thrilled to hear about your experience with Neo4j so far, and can't wait to see what it empowers you to do next. Don't hesitate to reach out to the community as you progress along your journey, we're here to help!

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