I'm a software architect working in the bigdata machine and deep learning space looking to start a new initiative around neo4j and apache heron (GitHub - apache/incubator-heron: Apache Heron (Incubating) is a realtime, distributed, fault-tolerant stream processing engine from Twitter), I am looking to develop a new apache heron spout that will work with connected data emanating from neo4j, I wanted to gauge the interest level in the community and links to any useful wiki pages to begin this initiative. I have worked with and built tooling around neo4j for several years and am looking to gain significant experience in the low level internals of both heron and neo4j. At the inception of this project I am looking to model my efforts similar to the neo4j-spark-connector thats already been built and evangelized to some degree. I look forward to meeting and interacting with everyone and look forward to having people's input in this initiative.

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Hello! I haven't personally worked with Apache Heron, but it sounds like an interesting project. Hopefully, others can chime in a bit more on this to gauge better interest. I love that Neo4j has so many connectors to different technologies, and we love to see this area expanding.

Hope you get some feedback and look forward to seeing project results! Thanks for joining our community and starting off your time here by contributing! :slight_smile:


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Hi Folks,
Looking to hear back from the community on this , please let me know your thoughts on my proposal above.

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This is awesome!
Maybe you should post about this in the projects category? It's possible that it would drive more of the type of eyeballs you'd like to get from the community. :heart: