Neo4j-graphql-js custom resolver with custom cypher

Hey community,

I've used GraphQL Architect to generate boilerplate. It has a lean schema.graphql file.
I have a use case to create mutation, I have 3 entities - Product, Material, Functionality. I want to create those as an atomic transaction, I came across a post of @William_Lyon, suggesting to run custom cypher either by @cypher directive inside schema or by writing a custom resolver.

My usecase needs writing a custom resolver, as I have to generate slightly different cyphers based on some input args, cypher for this usecase looks a little complex, how can I write the custom cypher query inside a custom resolver, provided I know how to write a custom resolver, I'm not sure how am I supposed to write a custom cypher inside it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Did you see this video?

and the docs here