Neo4j-graphql-java translator issue

HI all i am trying translate graphql query to cypher for normal string the translated query is working fine when i am trying to filter with DateTime the translated query seems to be wrong..
I have added Schema and Translated cypher query pls help me on this

my graph ql Schema

type Person{
	confirmedtime: DateTime
	healthstatus: String
	name: String

graphQl Query

query{  Person(confirmedtime:{year:2021,month:5}){   healthstatus  name}}

This query works well in graphql-js but not in java

Cypher Translated

[Cypher(query=MATCH (person:Person)
WHERE person.confirmedtime = $personConfirmedtime
RETURN person {
} AS Person, params={personConfirmedtime={year=2021, month=5}}, type=[Person], variable=Person)]

When I run this query and params in neo4j-java driver it throws error
org.neo4j.driver.exceptions.ClientException: Property values can only be of primitive types or arrays thereof

This is how i have translated from Java

URL url = Resources.getResource("schema.graphqls");

		String sdl = Resources.toString(url, Charsets.UTF_8);

		GraphQLSchema graphQLSchema = SchemaBuilder.buildSchema(sdl);
		Translator trans = new Translator(graphQLSchema);
		List<Cypher> cypher = trans.translate(query);

for the same graph ql query js was able to translate cypher query
Please help me on this
Thanks !!