Neo4j from AWS Marketplace and unmanaged extensions (HOW TO)

Hi guys, is there a way to deploy unmanaged extension (based on Graph Aware Framework for ex) with Neo4j Community Edition from the AWS Market place and with Neo4j Enterprise from the the AWS Market place?
Mb somebody can show cloud formation template with such thing?
Thank you.

I don't have any cloud formation templates for this-- perhaps @david.allen ?

But you can certainly do this, because after you deploy from the marketplace, you have a vanilla ubuntu instance that you can ssh into.

You could then install the extension and make your own AMI if you want it easily repeatable.

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Stay tuned! We're working on CloudFormation templates for Neo4j 3.5.3 right now on AWS. Need to resolve a few more issues and they will be made available.

For Neo4j community we haven't provided CloudFormation templates, typically just an AMI but we will have them probably within a week. Now, for unmanaged extensions, out of the box these cloudformation templates won't have the GraphAware framework, but with the templates this would be easy to add. When the CFT runs there is a script used to "prep" each VM being deployed. Into this script you would just place some extra logic to download the JAR that you want and put it into the plugin directory, and by doing this you'd have CFT which would automatically deploy Neo4j + the GraphAware Framework.

Sometime next week I should be posting in the Cloud category about the availability of Neo4j 3.5.3 on AWS, and this is the point when the CFT will be ready.

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Thank you, David.
I will be looking forward to it.