Neo4j for Wardley Mapping?

Has anyone attempted to use Neo4j for Wardley Mapping?

Hi Mike,

I hadn't heard about Wardley Mapping before. It looks interesting, and of course I love the graph thinking it seems to (perhaps incidentally) embrace. Particularly, the elaboration from individual classified items into a value chain and then into actionable opportunities feels a lot like the schema evolution we sometimes talk about.

Using Neo4j for Wardley Mapping would require a bit of tooling to surface that iterative process of elaboration. Tools like Bloom have a static view of the graph. This would need either a generic tool that was designed to assist in graph-based workflows, or a purpose built tool.

This also reminds me of multi-graph, where each stage of the workflow is arguably a separate graph or at least a graph view. That would facilitate an iterative approach with focused stages.

Using gram for a readable graph representation, this could be viewed as a sequence of paths...

// make a list
(abk:Who), (food:Need), (cook:Capability)

// assemble the list into a value chain

// consider "obvious" opportunities

Writing out the paths like that could be a reasonable first step towards a Neo4j implementation. Do it all in a hand-written text format, then formalize that into a small application.

I think it's got potential.