Neo4j for mindmaping and task manager?

Is neo4j or GRANDstack suitable for knowledge management / mindmaping + project management / tasks / todos / process/checklist app?

The Problem
Context is I have a whole lot knowledge, projects, mindmaps, notes, files, etc spread out across evernote, apple notes, my osx nested folders, evernote, trello, mindmeister, pipedrive, etc.

Each app has their own advantages - mostly for data creation and viz. For eg, i love how easy it is in mindmeister to map a new concept or domain. It's my go to when brainstorming with a client or learning about a new topic at uni. It's so fast and easy. i can create new nodes with the 'tab' hotkey, easily navigate with arrow keys around nodes etc. Evernote is good for quick checklists and copy pasting automatically resized images. Dropbox and file folders great for nested project management related files and resources, etc. Trello has a nice lists and card interface that's good for collaberation with others.

However, it sucks that's it's all disconnected and I have to jump between systems... Also, there's privacy concerns.

The Soln?
Really I want a searchable, query-able knowledgebase and project/task management tool, with the flexibility that my current apps provide (evernote, mindmeister, trello) via some nice front end interfaces that make it easier to do things like create a new 'Project' that auto starts a new form wiz for the required fields (ie mission/goal, deadline, owner, etc), and then quickly add any nested to do items + drag and drop any key resources or docs....

One of the best things about basic osx file system is how easy it is to store and preview (via space) videos and images in that folder so would ideally like this functionality in a graph too as that's something mindmeister, evernote, etc lack.

Stumbled across GrandStack and had a play with the demo projects and now wondering whether neo4j would be optimal for building something this?

Or whether I should just work on cutting back on the tools and living with the silod approach.. or keep stick with MERN (which is my current plan).

If anyone has suggestions or thought's that'd be great. I imagine a lot of ppl here may have faced similar issues.

do you have any update on this?
I first imagined this is gonna be a popular topic with lots of votes and replies, but one year passed and it seemed no one else, other than us, were looking for such need.
Anyway, I wanted to know if you've progressed your way through solving this and hopefully have found a solution for this!