Neo4j Driver


I am trying to learn Neo4j and working with it in Python. In the documentation, however, it doesn't say exactly what a driver is and what the lines of code in the example does. I tried Googling Neo4j Driver and also searched on StackOverflow but came up empty. I don't understand the concept of the Neo4j driver at all and how I can read large graph data bases with it. If any has an answer or resources they could direct me to, I would highly appreciate it.

The Neo4j Bolt Driver for Python documentation can be viewed at Neo4j documentation - Neo4j Documentation and Neo4j documentation - Neo4j Documentation describes a 'Hello World' example based upon the calling language.

A driver serves as the bridge between a programming language, in this case python, to the database through its API (application programming interface). This is no different than a JDBC or ODBC driver that typically allows one to have your application code interact with a RDBMS.