Neo4j developer

Hi, I am currently implementing neo4j 3.5.1 in Telkom Indonesia.
About 2 years it was exciting using this platform to inventoried all the asset of Telkom. Day by day data is growing and now the total of node(s) about 180 million.

I have a case currently, we have a server running in VM when the maintenance team is shutting down the machine prior to stop neo4j service.
the next day we found the service was stopped, so we immediately start the service. but unfortunately there is inconsistent data found during "check-consistency", by googling to solve the problem finally i found that have to rebuild index.

but another problem come up, performance is decreased, especially when create relationship. and another thing getting weird, during execution (match/create) it taking while (+/- 1 minute) to have output, but the output say that the execution less 400ms.

Please guys, if you facing the same problem like me. Please share how to solve this.