[Neo4j Dev Tools Team] Multi-stream layout idea (video mockup). What do you think?

Hi dear Neo4j Browser user! UX team here. We need your feedback on the idea of having side-by-side streams of frames. Main purpose is to get rid of the 'pin' button and enable better user experience with guides, history, help etc. To be able to work on different databases in parallel if need.

Link to the video:
Neo4j Browser multiple streams

Please share your feedback and comments on this idea.

How useful would it be for you? Would it improve your experience and efficiency?
What are the use cases this idea can be applied to?

That looks fantastic, I thinks its going to be super useful. as you said this make sense when you have more than one database in parallel.

for me as data scientist its perfect for the EDAS and quality control of the graphs, sometime when you are traversing different data bases its necessary to split the query in small parts to ensure the results.