[Neo4j Dev Tools Team] How do you use different views in a result frame?

I am reviewing UI of Neo4j Browser to improve your experience and need some input from you, dear users.
I would appreciate if you could describe your workflows and use cases when you display results as Table, Text or Code, or switch between them.
Tools that switch views can be found on the left hand side of the most of the result frames.

Thank you!

When using the Neo4J browser, I'm almost always just doing experimental query building and perfecting my queries for inclusion in code or scripts.

If I have a result that displays multiple columns I almost always use the table view. When I have a query that returns a list of nodes I generally switch to the text view as I can see more about the nodes at once since the table view exposes so much whitespace in json. If I don't believe what I'm seeing in my queries, I'll switch to the graph view where I can expand to see what more things are related to nodes or verify that my query in fact got the things I was after and excluded other things correctly.

This may all seem obvious, but I hope it helps.


Hi Elizaveta,

I would love to be able to more easily save and reuse the code I create in browser for analytic workflows. As a data scientist, I use jupyter notebooks all the time, but jupyter lacks the visualization and code hinting features of Neo4j browser.

I like the way I can export results from Oracle SQL Developer as Excel with one tab for the data and a second tab containing the SQL. Having a way to download the Cypher in addition to the CSV results from browser would be great.

In browser, I use table and graph view about equally. Table helps me understand the number of results that were returned better than graph. I have used text rarely to copy results out and share on the Neo4j community website and Stack Overflow. I have not used code view before.

Thanks for your work on these tools!

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