Neo4j Desktop on Windows 10: What console app to use?

With the Neo4j Desktop on Windows 10, couple of questions:
o What is the best console app to use? I remember a neo4j console from years back, and it looks like there is a cypher console, but it does not seem like they are connected in any way to the desktop. I would expect the desktop, or browser, to have access to some sort of console (terminal) mode, with the ability to load, save and edit cypher scripts of arbitrary length. In the desktop neo4j browser, all I see is the "Saved Scripts" section, but it is so limited as to be useless for my needs. I am guessing for saving and editing scripts, you need to be at the command-line, but I don't know. I remember years back, I had to install the neo4j console separate from desktop.
o With only the latest Neo4j Desktop installation (Windows 10), where is the bin directory for the console app(s)?

Basically, above, I'm looking for "best practice" for managing, editing, loading and saving lengthy cypher scripts, with a standard Windows 10 installation of Neo4j Desktop.