Neo4j-Desktop is not opening

Hi there,
I re-installed Neo4j, but it is not up and running. The log file shows this error

[2021-03-13 21:04:27.390] [info] Stopping any running databases
[2021-03-13 21:04:27.395] [warn] E:\data\neo4jDatabases not found
[2021-03-13 21:04:27.397] [info] Registering listener for protocolManager/arguments/changed
[2021-03-13 21:04:27.403] [error] App initialization error: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, readlink 'E:\data\relate-data\projects\project-5a2afea8-159f-4e17-a849-4a448044657e' {
constructor: 'Error',
errno: -4058,
code: 'ENOENT',
syscall: 'readlink',
path: 'E:\data\relate-data\projects\project-5a2afea8-159f-4e17-a849-4a448044657e',
stack: "Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, readlink 'E:\data\relate-data\projects\project-5a2afea8-159f-4e17-a849-4a448044657e'"
I understood, it is unable to find some project, so I re-installed, still getting the same error. I need to learn Neo4j for a school assignment.
Please help me..

Hello @Isha ,

It looks like you specified your "E" drive for the application data. Could there be a permissions problem with that location?

If you have admin privs for your system, can you uninstall Neo4j Desktop and reinstall it as admin? Specify that all users will have access to the application and use defaults for everything else. This will place your application data in your %PROFILE%/.Neo4jDesktop folder.

It is also important that you are connected to the Internet during the installation as it needs to download more resources during the installation.

If you have lost your activation key, not to worry. If it asks for your activation key, you can simply click the register button where you enter your name, email, company (school) and it till generate and install an activation key for you.


Hi @elaine_rosenber ,
I already installed as admin and have active INTERNET connection.

  1. In the 1st installation, all was good.. but then I moved the database of neo4j to a new folder. After this, Neo4j did not open.
    2.So I reinstalled, now, the Movies DATABASE is not populated.

Could you tell me what is the issue with Movie DB not populated or how to install neo4j from scratch without connections to the previous installations?

Not sure what you mean by "moved the db". You should never move a database by copying or moving it in the filesystem. The only "safe" way to move a database is to dump it by creating a dump file and then load it into a different DBMS.

You can always recreate the movie graph by entering this in Neo4j Browser:

:play movie graph

Then on page 2 of the Browser Guider, there is a script you can run to create the movie graph.


Could you tell how to resolve this issue?

Your installation appears to be corrupted.

Can you uninstall Neo4j Desktop and make sure you delete all Neo4j Desktop folders.

Then restart your system to make sure there are no rogue Neo4j processes holding on to ports.

Then install Neo4j Desktop using defaults for everything.

Hopefully, you will have better luck....


yeah, I resolved it already.