Neo4j Desktop Graph Apps disappeared after a failed graph app update attempt

I am running Neo4j desktop 1.4.3 on Win10 (installed for all users) and have installed multiple graph apps.

This has now happened twice after a graph app has notified of an update with a modal dialog:

  1. I press "yes" to the question about updating, nothing seems to happen
  2. I close the update dialog and restart Neo4j Desktop
  3. All the graph apps in the list disappear

I have tried the following:

  1. Reinstall Neo4j desktop (without uninstalling first) - no change
  2. Checked my ~.Neo4jDesktop\persist\graphApps.json - all the apps still seem to be listed there
  3. under ~.Neo4jDesktop\graphApps_global all the apps are still there but for example if I try to reinstall neuler or others, it will create a new directory "neuler-1" here

Any potential remedies?