Neo4J Desktop App - GDS Playground with remote graph

Hello All,

I have a remote graph on neo4j 4.1.3. bolt+s (7687) is the only open port. I have GDS working via Neo4j Desktop's browser. I want to try out Graph Data Science Playground to speed up using GDS Algorithms. However, I am unable to connect to it.

Active Graph

After several attempts, I do not have any luck.

GDS Playground - Does not connect

What am i doing wrong? Do i need HTTPS to be enabled as well? Is GDS Playground only meant for a local graph?

Hmmm, there might be a bug in how it tries to connect to remote databases, I'll have a look.

In the meantime, you can try the hosted version of the app -

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I am able to connect with this hosted version :slight_smile: Hopefully till the bug fix I have something to keep me moving forward

Cool, glad to hear that worked. I think there might be a more general issue when trying to 'auto-connect' to the active graph, so maybe I should add the same login form to the desktop version.

I had assumed that automating the database connection was helpful, but it actually seems to be more of a hindrance!

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Hey Uday,

I forgot to let you know that we've updated the version in the Desktop to allow you to connect in the same way that the hosted version does.

Cheers, Mark

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@mark.needham I've been using the newer version of the desktop quite before you notified me. I really appreciate this personal touch mate :slight_smile:

I am quite ecstatic that I can use GDS with my remote graphs! GDS FTW, I feel like a rocket scientist with the algorithms.

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