Neo4j crashes while exporting

I am trying to export data in one table from neo4j but after some time , neo4j just crashes and I am getting this error in the terminal :


Knowing that I already changed these lines to:

and I uncommented this line :

But still not working :(

How much memory does your machine have?

This allocates 15G to your JVM
Plus OS and some extras you are currently allocating 16G+

Not sure if you have so much memory.

What was your export issue again? If you have already posted it please link about it, otherwise post the details.

It's not related to any issue , I am just trying to run this query :

match (a:Attributaire2018)-[r:CollaborateWith2018]-(b:Attributaire2018)
optional match (c:Cluster2018)
return as ClusterID , as AttributaireDepart , as AttributaireArrive ,r.weight as weight , as Name_AttribDepart , as Name_AttribArrive

you didn't answer the question for your machine memory

you should add a direction.
why do you match that cluster for each row? do it once before the other match.
I hope this one only returns one row otherwise you get a cross product.


how do you consume the data? You should do that in a streaming manner.