Neo4j container in ECS

Hi All,

I'm trying to deploy neo4j 3.5.0 container as part of ECS cluster. I could register Neo4j browser url, that is on port 7474 on target groups. But found out that neo4j server through bolt protocol cannot be routed in AWS ELB. As it supports only HTTP/HTTPS/TCP/UDP.

Options that I got from Neo4j website to host on AWS is to host it on EC2 or use neo4j AMIs. These options are not feasible and not secure. We are looking to host neo4j as containers that are part of ECS and load balanced through AWS ELB.

Can you please advise if there is any hack/some other way through which we could host neo4j in the above said pattern.

Thanks for the help.


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Hi Vinay,

I am trying to do the same thing. Deploy neo4j 3.5 onto an ECS cluster. Did you manage to get it working? Or were you blocked by the problem you detailed above?

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