Neo4j Connection to rdbms

Hi, I am a newbie to neo4j and recently started working on it. Can someone please help me understand if neo4j can connect to data present in other rdbms system or data lake without bringing the data into neo4j database and whenever there is graph built on data present in rdbms, data is mobved only virtually on in cache of neo4j or the data from rdbms will first be moved and remain persistent in neo4j database when a graph is created?

Typically when you're working in a Neo4j database, you're operating with data that is in the graph, meaning you have taken the step to move the data over. Here's a link to the guide that describes how that is done. Neo4j doesn't operate as a graph layer on top of relational - you move it and persist it in Neo4j and operate there.

Hi @ask.singh90

You can connect to any RDB and use SQL via APOC apoc.load.jdbc.

You can also move data between RDB and Neo4j.
Apache Hop has a better affinity with Neo4j than Kettle.

Dear Sir/Madam, I am new to neo4j. Just started understanding, I am working on linux platform. Installed neo4j and cypher_shell. But not able to install "neo4j browser". Help in this regard is appreciated.

Basically I would like to know how to install "neo4j browser" and how to see the graph.

thank you david..your reply is helpful..

Hi Koji - Thanks for your reply. I have a follow up question here. So after connecting to rdb, when a node or relationship is created, will then the data be persisted to Neo4j's internal database or it will remain in rdb itself.

Hi @ask.singh90

For APOC apoc.load.jdbc.

You can create any of the following.

  • Create a record in RDB only
  • Create a node and a relationship in Neo4j only
  • Create a record in RDB, a node in Neo4j, and a relationship

Virtual nodes and virtual relationships in Neo4j are also possible.