Neo4j Community Edition limitations

Hi All,

We have recently installed Neo4j Community Edition 4.4. This is installed in a RHEL VM on Azure. After we have started the service, we are not able to do the following:
a. Not able to create any User or add neo4j user to admin group.
b. Not able to create a Database.
c. Not able to create roles.

Is there any limitation with Community Edition. Can this be performed if we try a docker image of the same.


Hello @sudipta.84.goswami and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

The Neo4j Community Edition is not able to achieve what you want so you have to switch to Neo4j Enterprise Edition.

  1. Managing users. You should be able to create users, but there will be some limitations
  2. Creating databases
  3. Managing roles



Introduction - Operations Manual describes functionality per edition (i.e. community vs. enterprise )

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