Neo4j community 3.5.17 in Azure Kubernetes


I have installed Neo4j community version 3.5.17 in Azure Kubernetes.
Kubernetes resource has 7GB RAM, and 3 nodes assigned. So it says total available memory as 21GB.
But when i install neo4j using helm commands, i see neo4j service taking up 7GB only.
How to increase memory of neo4j service as my load queries running slow with low memory.
I want neo4j service to take up 16GB - 20GB so my performance improves.


Hi Jothi,

Rather than managing and maintaining your own Kuberneters configuration in Azure, have you considered using Neo4j Aura? You can get a cluster up and running in a few minutes by clicking two or three buttons. Then leave the administration of that to us so you can focus on your app.

Also, by using Aura, you'd have full access to our Support Portal, including the knowledge base and trained engineers available to help out.


hi, Jothi, are you deployed in HA mode or casual cluster mode? could you post your yaml file?