Neo4j Clustering without storage copy?

Hello! I'm new to neo4j and I'm interested in neo4j scalability.
I would know if there is some way to cluster neo4j without making copies of the database.

As SQL databases can partition by month or by id, I don't know how neo4j can resolve this problem.

I didn't see anywhere how to resolve this. There are solutions that imply storage replica, there's no possiblity to partition neo4j database.

Thank you for your time.

Neo4j does not at present support horizontal sharding of the database. That is, when you use a clustered deploy of Neo4j, the entire graph is present as a copy on each of the members of the cluster.

The docs for this architecture that describe how it works can be found here:

For more information about the tradeoffs and the goods and bads of sharding with Graph Databases, I'd also recommend you check out this answer. It was written about an older version of Neo4j but most of the architectural stuff that's discussed in it is still valid.

Thank you very much! :smiley: