Neo4j browser question - missing eraser/favorites button


I'm going through the tutorial/training and something unexpected has happened.

In the videos there is a star/favorite and an eraser button on the command line:

But in my browser, it's not there anymore. It looks like this:

Some setting is wrong? Or I opened the project incorrectly?

Any help is appreciated.


I think the tutorial might be on a different version of Neo4j. To compare versions between the tutorial and your browser, click on the Database Icon here:


And then scroll to the bottom to find out the Neo4j version:

For the most part, it's always better to be on the latest version of Neo4j which I think is 4.2.1 as of today. It's also preferable to have the latest versions of the plugins installed too like APOC and the Graph Data Science Library.

Hope this helps. Best wishes to you!


Hi @unbearableflatness

I think Neo4j Desktop has changed to this interface since 1.3.10.

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