Neo4j Browser keeps losing connection

Recently we have started encountering an issue on Neo4j Browswer wherein we keep losing connection to the server. We get this message:

Connection to server lost. Reconnecting...

And, when we try to reconnect to neo4j, the connection timesout after 5000ms

However, our applications and backend code that connect to Neo4j work absolutely fine, with no issues writing or reading to Neo4j.

We are using Neo4j 3.4 Enterprise Edition.

Is there something we can do to fix the issue? Is there somewhere we can configure the timeout on the browswer to make it wait for more than 5000 ms?

I too am having this problem with a small (600 node) DB with a MATCH query in the Browser (chrome). This is my query:
MATCH (n:Invitee)-[r:INVITED]-(s) Return AS InviteeEmail, r.token AS Token, AS SponsorEmail,COUNT(r) AS NumberOfInvitees;

My experience with Neo4j Browser losing connection is that it happens usually when you run queries, where you return 10k+ rows, so the browser gets lots of data from Neo4j and crashes.
In these scenarios a simple LIMIT at the end of the query will do when testing and exploring.

Hope this helps.

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@bratanic.tomaz I am searching less than 600 rows ...but would LIMIT help me if I need all the records? I have not seeing any kind of pagination on Neo4j Browser. Could there be a recent update that is causing this problem? I am also getting getting a lot of ECONNRESET (.Neo4jError: read ECONNRESET ) from from my javascript session query...I suspect these maybe related.