Neo4j browser iOS browser support

Has anyone else tried using the browser on iOS (e.g. iPad Pro) and found issues with it?

  1. unable to select a node and move it separately from another, it moves the whole graph
  2. trying to use two fingers to split the nodes apart just zooms into the page (due to the iPad gestures) but then when you zoom out elsewhere on the page the nodes remain the smaller size.

I believe the browser is a React application and those appear to be able to run on iOS but I assume they require some customisation to handle the gestures etc.

I am not familiar with React though, just wondered if anyone else had tried this.

Is there a developer/support page for Neo browser running on iOS yet?



Yes it's React, and no, no mobile testing/adaptions for touch events were done.

It mostly works on iPad, we tried it for sandbox.

did you try to double tap and drag a single node?

Some other of the viz apps like yworks explorer or kineviz could
work better on iOS than browser.

The zoom via pinch also doesn't work on a desktop (mouse-wheel) zoom is only supported in the fullscreen mode via the buttons :frowning:

Hi Michael,

Yes I have tried double tap and it still moves all of the graph including the selected node.

It's not mega important to be able to use the iPad, just useful occasionally if demonstrating or fiddling with something around and about without needing a laptop.