Neo4j Browser Inconsistency between Graph view and table view

I am performing a cypher query and realized that the graph view displays totally different data than the table or text view. Some other posts suggest that the "connect result nodes" settings option might be the reason but i turned it off already.

Here are some screenshots:

From my understanding the graph view shows the wanted and expected result but the text view not.
In graph view i get 496 nodes displayed (600 is max) and in text view it returns 7879 records
Any idea why this could be the case?

In the text result each path is a separate line.

Say a category node is connected to 100 products, there are 100 paths. So, the category node will be listed 100 times in the response.

In the graph view no matter how many times a node is repeated it will be shown only once.

If you return "distinct c" then the nodes shown in the graph would be same as text.

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