Neo4j Browser improvement suggestions

Hello there


I think there is a major issue with Neo4j browser 4.2.6 or Neo4j Desktop 1.4.4
I'm using a Linux mint box mini pro computer.

While writing Cypher code, it's always laggy even if it's the only thing my computer is doing.
It makes it almost unusable to me honest, it's really hard to work properly and it's really aggressive for the user.

Update: I just figure out that it happens when there are over 300 rows in the frame.
Still it's not suppose to be laggy for only 300 tiny rows.


And there is always this popup always poping non stop even if you write nothing, so you can't read your Cypher code.


When you execute a favorited cypher code, it goes in a frame, and then you can modify it again from this frame to correct mistakes, but you can't from this frame save it again on the same favorite. It doesn't make sens and it's not usable this way.


Great feedback, thank you @tard_gabriel !


That is frustrating. It could be something related to the Monaco editor, which I think spins up a worker thread for Intellisense-like features. Could be tricky to reproduce.

@OskarDamkjaer Any thoughts here?


Which popup is this? That behavior does sound strange. Could you provide a screenshot?


Losing track of saved or favorited queries is a known issue. Thanks for the reminder that this needs to be improved.

@elizaveta.shkirando A head's up for browser feedback.


I've also noticed and been irritated by the input lag, it's hard to know how long it'll take to resolve the issue (as performance issues can be quite complex) but it's definitely something we're working to improve!

We're currently working on performance improvements to cypher queries returning large result sets and on more performant syntax highlighting, so not exactly the issue you're referring to but a step in the right direction none the less.

It seems to happen as soon as there is at least one query result frame displayed.

Thanks for your consideration about it, really appreciated.
I guess not all the computer configuration is affected by it but I can send mine if needed.

Thank you @abk and @OskarDamkjaer

Here is the popup attached I was talking about, it's the auto-complete.
It appears to quickly while not even writing anything else then { or [.

So when you need to refer to something at the top of your query while typing you can't read it.
But I think they fixed the problem by making it appear at the bottom of the current line.
Maybe a tiny transparent shade could help, or not just an opinion.

Space lost

There are a lot of precious typing space lost at the end of every frame, only to show the reduce and close button.