Neo4j Bolt driver wrapper for Angular

Let me introduce the module I created for using Neo4j Bolt driver for JavaScript from the Angular application. A special browser version of the driver supports connecting to Neo4j over WebSockets.

On GitHub:
PRs are welcome!

Maxim Salnikov


Nice work Maxim! So it looks like from the README you have a situation where the user is entering their username/password into your angular app to use with the database, is that right?

It looks like a pretty easy way to plug in a neo4j connection into any angular app. What kind of apps are you writing with this?


Thank you, David!
Yes, in the simplest (backendless) setup the user enters neo4j credentials in the app's UI dialog. That works fine for the internal tools/helpers I build to support my team's experiments on relationships-based identity management at ForgeRock. My teammates had a session at GraphConnect about Access Management: Injecting Identity into the Graph

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