Neo4j Bloom with startup license

Hello there

Having a X Neo4j server enterprise edition running with a startup license on Y machine or cloud,

Can we use Neo4j Bloom tool in Neo4j Desktop from a Z machine with a remote connection to X? Is Neo4j Bloom remote access and Neo4j server enterprise startup license two different licenses? Thanks



Yes, the license for Bloom is separate from the license for Neo4j Enterprise Edition (which you're using as part of the startup programme). In Neo4j Desktop you can use Bloom to connect to local databases running inside Desktop without an additional license (it's all included as part of Desktop). In order to connect to a remote server using Bloom in Neo4j Desktop, that server has to be running Bloom as a server plugin (a .jar file just like APOC, etc.) - and the server plugin does require a valid license key. I don't know the particulars of licensing Bloom for the Startup Programme, so if you're interested in getting a server key I'd recommend reaching out to your contacts in the sales team or startup programme. If you need help finding the right person to get in touch with let me know!



Thank you @joe.depeau

I work for Bonsai Data Solutions and we got the startup license recently. As the database manager I have to:

  • Start a Neo4j enterprise instance on the cloud using the startup license
  • Make sure that we can start and stop this instance without destroying it
  • See if we can use Bloom with the startup license or not and what would be to cost to add it

i tried to contact the sales at least a week ago but never got an answer.
If you have any contact suggestion for these issues that would be really appreciated.

Until then I think the best think I can do it's to read the administration course from graph academy.

Thank you

Does the startup license come with any validity or expiry ? because i am not able to access bloom anymore and it gives me the below error.

WARN No bloom license file at relative path /var/lib/neo4j/var/lib/neo4j/plugins/bloom-plugin.license . Going to try absolute path.
ERROR Bloom License has expired. Please contact your system administrator.

Can anyone help ?