Neo4j BI Connector for Tableau


We want to use BI Connector with Tableau for connecting to the Neo4j database.

The question is can we use BI connector for connecting between Neo4j Community edition and Tableau Desktop. If so , Is it free or cost?

Hi @kumaravelu2006,

Are you asking if the Neo4j driver for tableau is free? I believe the driver is free, however a Tableau license is going to cost you.

Hi John , Thanks for the update.

My question is whether Neo4j Bi connector is free for community edition or not.

In the notes. we find that it is free for Enterprise edition .

Could you please confirm.

Hi John. Hope Neo4j Bi connector is free for Neo4j community edition. Kindly confirm.

@kumaravelu2006 ,

I not affiliated with Neo4j or Tableau in any official capacity. However, I did find a few articles about the BI connector on the Neo4j site. It seems if you are able to connect using JDBC the BI Connector should work.

Hi John,

Thanks for the update. It seems Neo4j BI Connector does not support Neo4j community edition.