Neo4j Backup and recovery

Hi Community members,

For one of my client, we are using Neo4j to store the daily user transactions. Neo4j is installed on the container. 2 Days back one of out operations team members faced a socket error issue, which we raised with admin. The admin restarted the container which completely washed the data stored in Neo4j. We asked the admin to restore the backups. But his response was he was taking backups of /prod/data folder over EBS. But data was never stored on this path or data never came to EBS. We have EBS snapshots but couldn't find anything there as well. We think our admin is hiding some fact and trying to make stories around as he was not creating backups.

Can anyone help me understand this scenario? Let me know if any information is required from my end. I will be happy to share this.

Another help I need is, we are now working on to reverse engineer the data by looking at transactional logs. Is there any transactional log that Neo4j maintains which can be helpful to bring DB in a stable state.

Appreciate your help in advance.

Hi utkarshjain712,

While I can't help with rebuilding your data from the transaction logs, I'd like to suggest that, once you have done so, you take a look at Neo4j Aura, our database-as-a-service. That way the backups are handled by us and you don't have to worry about misconfigured containers (or trigger-happy admins) causing data loss again.


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