Neo4j auto start options

I would like to know if we have an auto start option for neo4j without having admin privileges to install as a service. I'm using community edition 3.4.6 on Windows


You can't install anything as a service without admin privileges on Windows (well, modern ones anyhow) it's not Neo4j specific and there's no workaround to get it into the services, you have to have the elevated rights to be able to put things there.

The only real way around this is to add a shortcut into the startup folder of Windows itself. The downside over a service is the 'restart' side of things - i.e. windows services will attempt to restart a service if it stops automatically, and the fact that Neo4j will run in a console, so it's easy to accidentally kill it.

You should be able to create a shortcut to neo4j.bat - you'll need to edit it to add console at the end (so it'll be: "path/to/neo/bin/neo4j.bat console")

Then you put that shortcut in the startup folder. When windows starts, you should see the app starting.

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